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Beach it Up

It's Miami and some of our most popular public spaces have quite a view.   What's the worst that could happen -- you lose some planning time to the surf?

Where to Start

Your first stop is the city where the beach is located, and then specifically the Special Events Permit office.

For the City of Miami Beach, check out the Miami Beach Special Events website and contact their office with the information here.  Their process is clearly laid out and all of the necessary information is available online. 

For other cities with a beach, such as Surfside, Bal HarbourSunny Isles Beach, Key Biscayne and Golden Beach, contact the city directly. Most cities have a standard process for handling beach-sited projects.

Budget adequately for fees.  For example, the City of Miami Beach requires a security deposit (anywhere from $150 for to $10,000) for their special events.  

When you are doing a project on the beach, there are unique considerations to take into account.  For instance, it will be difficult to control how people move in/out/through the space and sounds don't carry the same way.  Test and then test again to create the experience you want.    


Looking for less sandy grounds?

Check out other potential public spaces for your project: