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Building Permits


  • An event or project will need electrical power, and/or
  • An event or project will include structures such as a stage

Permit requirements 

The building permit can be considered a secondary permit for most Public Space Challenge type projects.  When you apply for a Special Events or Temporary Use permit, the issuing department would typically inform you of the additional need to secure a building permit.  The requirements for this type of permit will be dependent on the reasons it is needed.  For example, if you are building a stage, the building permit is required in order to ensure the structure's integrity.  

Where to start

Look through the information for the Special Events and/or Temporary Use permits first and contact the corresponding department.  Once you start that process, and if you suspect you might need a building permit, ask your permitting contact what is necessary and who the next best contact is.  

An example

Let's say you'd like to build a platform or deck of some type as part of your project.  A building permit will be necessary to ensure that the structure is safe, can support the appropriate weight, and is ADA compliant.