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Train & Bus Stops

Transit is the name of your game  

It's one of the hottest topics in Miami:  transportation.  It's also public space -- the bus stops, the train stops and even the buses and trains themselves (moving public spaces!) -- and a vital part of our future.  

Where to Start

Miami-Dade Transit Department (MDT) oversees all Metrobus, Metrorail, and Metromover operations and that's where you are headed.  MDT will give you the initial guidance, but be prepared to interact with other players.  For starters,  Outfront Media, a private ad/media company, manages the bus stops and train stops, so it's likely you will have to work with them, especially if there is signage of any kind.  Also, some bus stops are managed by the city they are in, while others are under the county's administration.  

Reach out to MDT's Right of Way office -- Froilan Baez ( -- who will inform you of the transit department's requirements and direct you to the appropriate contacts in other departments and/or organizations.

Keep in mind that structures like the Metrorail tracks and/or support columns cannot be touched or altered in any way (by federal law), so make sure your transit-facing project doesn't rely on using the existing infrastructure. 

Thinking of a trolley spot, specifically?  Miami-Dade Transit operates the buses and rail, but not the trolleys.  If your project is focused on trolley stops, you will need to reach out to the city within which that trolley operates.  For example, the City of Miami Trolley.


LOOKING FOR something slower-paced?

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