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County Parks

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Reach Out & Meet

The Miami Dade County Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces Department is your new best friend!

Contact the Parks Operations office:

Lars Bergquist, Superintendent of Parks Operations

305.755.7800 |

They will want to know:

  • which park
  • project info (dates, activities)
  • design/sketch (if applicable)
  • how they can help

The Operations office will coordinate a meeting with your team, the appropriate Park Manager, and the Operations staff to discuss your project.  Take the opportunity to meet them face-to-face from the start.

Work it Out & Get It Done!

The Parks Operations office and the local Park Manager will be incredibly helpful in making your project happen.  They will:

  • discuss feasibility and restrictions
  • issue an MOU (see a sample)
  • assist in pulling county permits, if any are needed
  • help you get liability insurance coverage
  • connect with their volunteer network, if needed
  • provide guidance on getting additional financial support

If your project is free to the public, the County Parks Dept will likely waive your special events fee.

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Ready for the next step?

The Big What If...

What if the spot I though was a park, isn't actually a park?

Once you did a property search, you may have realized that the empty lot you thought was a park, is actually operated or owned by someone else.  Select the closest type of space it actually is: