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Municipal Parks

Most cities/villages/towns have their own parks department and that's where you are headed. 

Let's use the City of Miami Parks Department as an example.  (Here is a contact list for all other municipalities.)


Reach Out
Contact the City of Miami Parks and Recreation, Special Events Office

Lazaro Garcia, Special Events Coordinator 
305.416.1133 |

The Parks team will discuss your project with you and cover the next steps.  You will need to provide:

  • project info (park name, dates, activities)
  • a basic plan (keep it simple)

Bring a picture with you -- even if it's a sample of a similar project done somewhere else.  

Also, be clear on what you want to do & how you're planning on doing it.  They are there to facilitate, but not so much to give you ideas on doing your project. 

You'll need a permit application and liability insurance.  Below are links to sample docs (be sure to get the most current version):

Work it Out & Get It Done!

The city Parks department and/or the local Parks Manager is your closest ally in getting your project to happen.  They can:

  • discuss feasibility and restrictions
  • assist in pulling any additional permits, if needed
  • guide you in getting liability insurance coverage

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