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Parking Areas

There's a park in every parking spot

You notice that empty parking lot nearly every evening.  What else could happen there during the hours it sees little or no use?  Public space amazingness, that's what!

Where to Start

Every parking lot is different.  It could be privately owned (see Private Property), or it may be city/county property.  

In the City of Miami, all municipal parking is managed by the Miami Parking Authority (including parking lots, garages, and on-street, metered parking spots).  The City of Miami Beach and the City of Coral Gables each operate a Parking Department within their city government.  

If it is a Miami Parking Authority lot or space, reach out to them first.  Here is a map of all Miami Parking Authority lots and garages. If you are not sure, just call and ask. 

The best contact is Rolando Tapanes (rtapanes@miamiparking.com305-373-6789 x297), Director of Planning & Development at Miami Parking Authority.


In other municipalities, once you figure out whether the lot is private or public, it's time to reach out.  

Next steps 


The process with the Parking Authority will depend on the parking area in question.  The Miami Parking Authority does not issue Special Events or Temporary Use Permits directly, instead they work with the City of Miami and its Special Events/Temporary Use permitting process. The Parking Authority may, however, help facilitate the permitting process if/when necessary.  


Look for the Parking Department such as the Coral Gables Parking Department and The City of Miami Parking and Transportation Department.  

Regardless of the location, keep in mind that your request to re-purpose the space may be difficult for the operators of the space to envision.  An image is always helpful, and remember simplicity wins the day.  You will likely need a Temporary Use Permit for any activity (other than parking) in these spaces.  

If you're not sure:

You can visit the Miami-Dade Property Appraiser's website and search by address or location.  Some of the information may be unclear, so dig a little bit. For example, in the City of Miami, some parking facilities operated by Miami Parking Authority are listed under various owners, including the City of Miami, the Parks Department, and/or local institutions. 


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