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Streets & Sidewalks

YOU're taking it to the streets!  

When you're dealing with streets and sidewalks, you'll start hearing an awful lot about the 'public right of way'.  If this is the type of project you are seeking to do, you'll need to address how the normal right of way -- or basic public access and flow for pedestrians, bikes, cars and etc-- will be affected.  

Unfortunately, for these types of project there are often no hard and fast (or even soft and slow) guidelines.  

Where to Start

The Special Events Permitting info is your first (and best) stop.  

If your project involves any form of building or structural change/improvement, the local Public Works Department will be involved (that's the agency responsible for streets and sidewalks).  Nevertheless, you will start at Special Events and they will inform and guide you through the next steps. 

If your project involves a street-take over, you'll still head to or contact your local Special Events Department first, especially if the plan is to host a street fair, block party or a similar short term event on a public street or sidewalk. 


Re-routing to a different location? 

Find details about other types of public spaces: