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Temporary Use Permit


  • An event, project, or demonstration will temporarily change the intended use of the space.

Permit requirements 

  • Time! Give yourself a 6 - 8 week window for processing.  The more time, the better.
  • Fee:  Temporary Use Permits cost about $250 per space, per day (assuming additional permits aren't necessary), if your event repeats it will cost more.
  • Commercial General Liability Insurance with $1,000,000 in coverage is required. You'll need to list the hosting city as an additional insured.
  • Police Officers:  You may need to contract off-duty police officers, depending on the activity you are permitting.
  • Additional Permits: A general rule of thumb: the number of permits will increase with the number of things happening at your event. For example, if you incorporate lights and sounds requiring electricity, a building permit for the electrical will be necessary.  

Where to start

In the City of Miami, the process for the Temporary Use Permit starts at your local NET (Neighborhood Enhancement Team) office.  Visit or call the closest office and they will provide the necessary forms.  

The City of Miami Beach (and several others) have combined Temporary Use Permits into their Special Events Permits.  When in doubt, check with your municipality's Special Events office.  

In Miami-Dade County, these permits are known as Short Term Events Permit.  Contact the the Miami-Dade Building Department for the permit application and details:  11805 S.W. 26th Street Miami, Florida 33175-2474, (786) 315-2000, Mon - Fri, 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

An example

Let's say you'd like to create a weekend-long demonstration for a rooftop garden on the top floor of a public parking garage.  In this case you would need to get a Temporary Use Permit since your project is an event in a space that is otherwise intended for just parking.  

A sample of the City of Miami's Temporary Use application is available here (please use only for reference and request the most updated version from the City of Miami).  The Temporary Use Permit is similar to the Special Events Permit, but must be used in situations like the one described above.   

A few additional points

Some municipalities do not offer Temporary Use Permits or it may be under another name.  If you cannot easily find the information in your city or town, contact the Special Events Department or the city's main contact number for guidance. 

This type of permit requires permission from multiple city departments (fire, sanitation, police, planning).  The NET office will pursue these permissions for you.

Keep in mind that each separate department may come back with additional requirements.  For example, sanitation may require additional garbage service and police may require that off-duty police officers be present which may all require additional fees.